How to select children’s shoes?


Most children learn to walk at about the time of their first birthday, although some learn months earlier or later. When your kid is growing and grawling, you may have your first questions about what shoes he or she should wear. A growing kid will need new shoes frequently, and more questions will arise.

Pay attention to the shoe’s proper length, width and depth when fitting your child’s shoe. Poorly fitting kid’s shoes can cause toe problems, ingrown toenails, hammer toes, calluses and bunions.

Kid’s feet grow in spurts, and they require new shoes every three to four months. Most early toddlers (under 16 months of age) grow more than one-half a foot size in two months. Toddlers from age 16 to 24 months grow an average of one-half a foot size every three months. The young child, 24 to 36 months old, grows approximately one-half a foot size every four months, and children over 3 years of age experience increases of one-half a foot size every four to six months.

You should examine the depth of the shoe to make sure the top of the shoe doesn’t press on the toes or the toenails. Look for shoes with rounded toe boxes to give the toes more room for movement. Remember, shoes should be comfortable from the start. If new shoes need to be “broken in,” it means either they were not properly designed or not properly fitted for your kid’s foot.