Our team

KARE TIKKA, Chief Executive Officer

Kare is one of the founders of the new Feelmax investment group along with Pentti Bruun. He has been a “barefoot freak” since childhood and is now a world championship level sailor. When hanging on the trapeze wire of his boat, Kare found the ultrathin Feelmax shoes transmit excellent feedback of what the boat was doing while improving his balance. Before Feelmax he was involved in the management of an international automobile franchise network. Kare holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

JAE-HWA HONG, Toesocks Production Manager

Mr. Hong has been involved with the production of these special toesocks since 1999.


He has been with Feelmax from the very beginning, when the company introduced toesocks in the early 90s. Juha was a highly ranked fashion model, until the highly ranked barefoot-world caught his interest. He has never looked back.