Feelmax® toesocks: Less sweat, blisters and galls

A normal sock presses the toes together, which is not natural. Feelmax toesocks keep the toes separated, just like Mother Nature designed them to be. No more malformations.

Our feet have approximately 250,000 sweat glands. They can release about a cup of moisture a day. The areas most prone to sweating are the zones between the toes. Toesocks drastically reduce sweating of the feet.

As there are no skin-to-skin contact between the toes, the toesocks also reduce blistering and galls. We have developed several yarn compositions for different uses, maximum foot health and comfort.

FAQ – Socks

They drastically reduce sweating, blisters and galls. Toesocks allow the toes to separate naturally.
7 different sizes: ranging from Children’s size 2 – Adult sizes are three: 35-39, 40-43 and 44-48. However, the sock construction is very adaptive. Many times someone who normally wears a size 40, can use also socks in the 44-48 size range.
There are many different compositions, depending on use the socks are targeted for: cotton; polyamide fibers; colloidal silver and other fibers. Only very high quality yarns are used.
They keep your toes dry (less sweat) and thus prevent them from getting cold.
Yes you can, they keep your toes dry and you can wear them in sandals.
Children’s toes learn to go into the right place like fingers into gloves. The very first time can be slightly more difficult, until the sock takes a proper shape.
For some people it can feel a bit strange at the beginning. This feeling disappears soon and before you know it, you don’t want to wear any other kind of socks.
The elastic stretch on the middle and above the ankle assures that the socks stay firmly in place.
It takes 8-10 times longer to make toe socks. There are no seams. The manufacturing process is much more complicated.
Feelmax socks are designed in such way that you can wear your normal shoes and feel absolutely comfortable in them.
Absolutely, with toesocks you sweat less.