Use of barefoot shoes

We cannot answer specific individual questions, but generally speaking going barefoot makes your feet stronger. By wearing our footwear you might even get rid of the insoles, as your feet begin to work according to nature’s design. Remember to progress slowly, when changing from one style to another. Your body needs time to adapt and adjust.

Many top athletes use these shoes for warm-up or cooling down, before or after their training.

The shoes are excellent for traveling because they are so compact and light. They can even be kept in pockets. They are perfect for breaks in motorbike tours, cycling , during flights and for the beach.


Wipe dirt off with a damp cloth or take a soft brush and rub the dirt off. If you would like to wash your Feelmax, we recommend hand wash at low temperatures, about 30ºC, with mild detergent. Do not use conditioners and do not spin-dry.

We do not recommend washing your leather Feelmax shoes. However if you do, don’t dry it in direct sunlight or high heat (the leather may shrink and get hard).